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This report summarises the findings of a survey undertaken during November and December 2015 in collaboration with the Non-Binary Inclusion Project. The survey, entitled ‘Replace the GRC – but how?’ was created in response to calls for reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004, in the wake of a Transgender Equality Inquiry conducted by the UK Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee.

The survey consisted of four questions, and a comment box for additional suggestions. All questions were open-ended, with respondents encouraged to answer as they saw fit.

This report unpacks a number of key themes identified from responses to the survey. These findings do not necessarily reflect a consistent viewpoint, nor the views of UK Trans Info. However, we anticipate that they will be of use in considering possible approaches to the revision or replacement of the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) and Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

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Interim results from an online survey into transphobic incidents in the UK.

Read more: Interim Report of Transphobic Incidents/Crime in the UK

Official figures from the Home Office of recorded hate crimes in England and Wales for 2013/14. These figures show a 54% increase in transgender hate crime.

Read more: Home Office Statistical Bulletin: Hate Crimes, England and Wales, 2013/14

Details on hate crime in Northern Ireland, including Transphobic Hate Crime.

Read more: Hate Motivated Incidents and Crimes Recorded by the Police in Northern Ireland 2006/07 to 2013/14

Hate crime figures for 2013-14, including transphobic hate crime.

Read more: Hate Crime in Scotland 2013-14

This project was referred to the Law Commission by the Ministry of Justice. Our terms of reference asked us to look only at:

  • extending the aggravated offences in the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to apply equally to all five protected characteristics;
  • extending the stirring up of hatred offences under the Public Order Act 1986 to apply equally to all five protected characteristics.

We also examined the current “enhanced sentencing” regime applicable to cases where hostility is established, as this already applies to all five characteristics and involves similar elements to the aggravated offences.


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A report on the laws and policies from around the world (including the UK) that allow trans people to change the sex or gender on official documents.

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Presentation by Sam Feeney for the Trans* Emerging Trends Conference 2014 with reference to recent court cases where young people have been convicted of serious sexual offences because they have not disclosed the sex they were assigned at birth prior to sexual contact.

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An internal review by the Passport Office into options for non-gendered passports - such as removing or hiding gender shown on passports, or allowing the "unspecified gender" option ('X').

Read more: Gender Marking in Passports: Internal Review of Existing Arrangements and Possible Future Options

The Hate Crime Report brings the numbers and statistics around London’s anti LGBT hate crime together into one easy-to-understand resource for the first time.

Read more: The Hate Crime Report: Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in London

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