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This research, the first of its kind, explores the experience of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) students in higher education, focusing specifically on their everyday life on campus, their access to different services and factors that influence success and course completion. This report draws on a national survey of more than 4,000 respondents from 80 higher education institutions in the UK that was conducted between February and March 2014. It also comprises case studies from the universities of Bangor, Nottingham, Manchester Metropolitan, University College London, the University of London and from an online focus group with trans students.

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The Spouse Reactions to Transsexuality report is the result of a survey commissioned by Zoe Kirk-Robinson for T-Vox to investigate whether the "spousal veto" in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill would affect transsexual people in marriages and civil partnerships; and if so, to what extent.

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The Anti-Bullying Alliance is keen to ensure that trans people are not being left out of the anti-bullying policies that are being implemented across schools, colleges and Universities in the UK. Gendered Intelligence were asked to gather some of the experiences of young trans and gender variant people in and around schools.

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A report into the current and recent experiences of 40 young trans people from across England.

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A report by Gendered Intelligence looking into the issues and needs of parents and family members of trans people.

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Research measuring attitudes towards specific equality groups; perceptions and experiences of unfair treatment; and awareness of a range of equality related matters amongst the general public in Northern Ireland.

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The aim of this project was to gather information to assess the extent to which public bodies surveyed are aware of and are meeting their equality duties towards transsexual people; to identify the challenges and barriers that public bodies face in carrying out trans equality work and how they can be supported in overcoming these; and to collect and present case studies of good practice in relation to all transgender people.

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A research project and report commissioned by the Equalities Review.

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This article examines the experiences of families in which a family member has transitioned, or is in the process of transitioning, to live according to the opposite gender role to that assigned at birth. Evidence is gleaned from those taking part in one of the 11 workshops (run in various geographical locations around the UK by GIRES, assisted by Mermaids and Depend.

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