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Presentation by Shelley Bridgman for the Trans* Emerging Trends Conference 2014 regarding the role of therapy before and during transition.

Read more: The Role of Therapy Before and During Transition

This document gives practical best practice advice for NHS organisations to address their responsibilities relating to trans employment and healthcare delivery.

Read more: Trans: a practical guide for the NHS

A series of briefings by Dr Julie Fish (De Montfort University) for the Department of Health Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Advisory Group. They are aimed as easy-to-read guidance for health and social care commissioners, service planners and frontline staff.

Read more: Reducing health inequalities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people - briefings for health...

This booklet has been produced to assist bereaved trans people or friends, or the family of a trans person who has died. It will also inform professionals such as coroners, pathologists, mortuary staff and undertakers to understand the particular needs of trans people in the circumstances of death.

Read more: Bereavement: A guide for transsexual, transgender people and their loved ones

This booklet provides the basic information required to understand the needs of Transgender and Gender Variant people in a hospital setting.

Read more: Transgender Guide for NHS Acute Hospital Trusts

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