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Key information, including statistical data, on non-binary people in the UK.

Read more: Non-Binary Gender Factsheet

Video explaining the meaning of the term cis.

Read more: What does cis mean?

A coming out guide for trans young people.

Read more: Coming out

Factsheet about later life for trans people.

Read more: Transgender issues and later life

A short guide to UK trans history including information about relevant historical figures and events.

Read more: Short guide to UK trans* history

A young trans boy featured in CBBC's My Life gives his top tips for coping with bullying.

Read more: Leo's Tips for Coping with Bullying

This guide is for LGBT societies, queer activist collectives, and welfare officers who wish to organise for trans healthcare on their campuses and in their communities.

Read more: Student Activism Guide

A series of 25 short films intended to be a collection of digital stories from trans* people across the country to show the diversity and variety of stories to be told with and about the trans* community in the UK.

Read more: Patchwork Digital Storytelling Videos

A series of inspirational portraits that celebrate the diverse stories of Trans people.

Read more: The Narrative

Presentation by Dr Meg John Barker PhD for the Trans* Emerging Trends Conference 2014.

Read more: Non-Binary Genders

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